Make a payment using your online banking!

Chatsworth Insurance Brokers Limited it set up with the following financial institutions for online bill payment:
Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, CIBC, TD Bank, Meridian Credit Union

In order to pay Chatsworth Insurance using online banking set up as follows;

  1. Select “Chatsworth Insurance Brokers Limited” as the payee
  2. The account number you enter will be the client code that appears on your invoice. It is located in the middle of your invoice just above you name and address. The code is most always the first four letters of your last name followed by three numbers. The numbers after the hyphen are not required.


For example if your client code was CHAT123-45 you would enter CHAT123

If you require assist or have questions about getting Chatsworth Insurance set up for online banking don’t hesitate to contact the office.

Below are the links to sign in for online banking.

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